Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't believe what they say in the "Lame-stream" media, Jim Demint's Tea Party movement is really a lot of fun

South Carolina's junior Senator Jim Demint is proud to be called the Tea Party Senator. His PAC has been credited with electing a large number of pro-Tea Party members to Congress.

Let's take a look and meet the Tea Party folks and learn more about the movement that Demint calls his own.

Compassionate conservatives: CNN-Tea Party debate audience cheers idea that the uninsured should be left to die.

Listen to Wisconsin Tea Party rally applaud their part in helping to crash the U.S. economy.

This disabled Tea Party supporter lives off veteran's benefits and pays no taxes but complains about government spending for other poor and working folks. Its alarming to note that many Tea Party supporters often depend upon and live on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and veteran's benefits even while Tea Party politicians like Jim Demint and Michele Bachmann want to eliminate or severely cut back those very programs.

Tea Partiers in Texas don't like hispanics in the State legislature. They're not too fond of teachers either

Nobody can say Tea Party members don't understand the issues. That's because their leaders do such a great job educating them on everything from the founding fathers to Obamacare, taxes, welfare and government spending priorities.

This Tea Party anti-communist wants to be able to choose a good doctor. We sure hope that he finds one soon.

Thankfully, there are no racists in the Tea Party!

Jim Demint's Saving Freedom reviewed by Charleston, SC paper

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