Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who owns Jim Demint? Take a look at the list of campaign contributors and Demint PAC supporters is a non-partisan service that provides free information to the public about the influence of money over politics. It details campaign contributions, PAC financial information, lobbying expenditures by business, labor and issues organizations, donor background information and political issues and influence and the voting records of federal elected officials.  It's an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding who pulls the strings behind the scenes.

Charles & David Koch and own one of the two biggest private companies in the U.S. The money they make from their vast oil and gas operations has been used to fuel conservative politicians like Jim Demint and the phony grass roots Tea Party movement that supports them.

Top100 contributors to Senator Jim Demints campaigns. 
Includes: Koch Industries, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Scana Corporation, AT&T, Club for Growth, Murray Energy.

Despite having no credible opposition in the last election, Jim Demint was the second largest recipient of money from Koch Industries of all Senate candidates. Only Marco Rubio of Florida received more.

How Boeing's generous contributions to Senator Demint's campaign may be paying off for the aerospace giant.
Koch Industries campaign money supports Demint's anti-climate change agenda
South Carolina legislators cut state programs while they line pockets with strange pension-salary scheme
Wisconsin conservatives ask Demint and Club for Growth to back off in selection of local congressional candidates

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