Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here's who will pay for a Jim Demint Presidential campaign

With one of highest jobless rates in the US legalized loan sharking businesses like this one in Spartanburg are as easy to find as fast food on roads and highways throughout Jim Demint's South Carolina. 

Tea Party Senator Jim Demint claims "grassroots conservatives," unsatisfied with the lackluster field of Republican contenders either committed to or considering running for President are pushing him to run in 2012. While Demint may claim support from regular folks, let's take a look at where his money has come from in the past and what he's done with the PAC that is affiliated with him.

Senator Demint's campaign donations by industry

Senator Demints top campaign contributors

$10 million Demint affiliated Pac information

Boeing gives major contributions to Jim Demint and South Carolina Congressional delegation

CNN Report: Jim Demint mulls presidential run

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