Friday, December 10, 2010

Jim Demint's SC cutting welfare payments to state's poorest

As Senator Jim Demint rallys the right to cut social spending, South Carolina prepares to make matters worse in a State that has one of the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the country. South Carolina is also the nation's number one state for violent crime.

Compounding the misery in Senator Demint's South Carolina

72,000 South Carolinians are scheduled to lose their unemployment benefits this month. Inevitably those people will end up on reduced public assistance. In addition to compounding their misery this move will undoubtedly help to prolong a recession that is the longest and deepest since the Great Depression.

Read about it below:

SC cutting welfare payments to state's poorest - WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |

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  1. You know what the funny thing is, South Carolina is a welfare state, for every dollar its sends to DC it gets back about $1.35 and it has risen 10 years prior. Perhaps if South Carolina deminted from Washington, it would be even poorer and since south carolina is stingy on benefits for the poor but not corporations , one can argue that the Demints are the real welfare "queens"