Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clyburn, DeMint clash over South Carolina schools money

South Carolina Rep Jim Clyburn sticks up for South Carolina schools while Senator Demint turns his back

Demint turned his back on South Carolina's unemployed. Now he turns his back on the State's students and teachers. If South Carolina doesn't step up and do something about education, the State risks poverty for generations to come. Thankfully Jim Clyburn is there to fight back.  Read the article below for the details.

Clyburn, DeMint clash over South Carolina schools money | McClatchy

Then come back and read this:

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  1. I admire Clyburn, of course South Carolina politicians would rather the money used for phony job creating corporations if you notice my other post that mentioned South Carolina's welfare state and deminting it. The welfare is so South Carolina can afford to gamble its money on that, since it doesn't give low income citizens or the poor any benefits, its cutting south carolina worse, so yes clyburn needs to he must insistsing that conditions need to be met, of course South Carolina politicians sulk rather than get aid to get done, which is the real welfare kings, the south carolina politicans and the corporate cronies that align with their policies.