Friday, November 12, 2010

Jim DeMint's South Carolina 46th in health rankings

With 16.1% of South Carolina's population lacking any kind of health insurance,  (37th in the US) it makes you wonder why Jim DeMint would oppose the recent health care reform legislation, that his constituents desperately need. In fact it is shocking that South Carolinians are some of the least healthy people in the US with low life expectancy, high infant mortality and unusually high incidences of obesity and some sexually transmitted diseases. According to a number of health rankings South Carolina lands nearly at the bottom of all 50 states.

Many South Carolinians are going without health insurance
With 16.1% of the population lacking any kind of health insurance, South Carolina ranks 37th out of the 50 states for number of people insured. 

South Carolina Health Rankings

No 1 for violent crime

No 42 for life expectancy

No. 6 for infant mortality

No. 3 for chlamydia and gonorrhea

No 9 for obesity

Here's where South Carolina ranks for health among the 50 states:

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Of course it can always be worse. Just take a look at Mitch McConnell's Kentucky.

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