Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jim Demint distorts the truth about the stimulus and religious freedom

Republicans like Demint will pretty much say anything to win even if its false. Even if its challenged, they hope that some shrapnel hits the target.

That's why back in February he argued against stimulus spending when he said:

"There is a provision in the economic stimulus plan that means that "students cannot meet together in their dorms, if that dorm has been repaired with this federal money, and have a prayer group or a Bible study."

Despite the fact that the courts have always held that religious groups had equal rights to the use of public facilities, Demint apparently hopes to rally the religious right against spending even when it means jobs and the improvement of desperately needed public facilities like universities and schools. 

Without Federal aid to education new green projects like this recently built University of South Carolina $48 million dorm would be less likely to see the light of day. You just have to look at the crisis in education in South Carolina to see that Demint has once again turned his back on his own constituents.

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