Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stopping Radicalism: We Can Stop Jim DeMint's Crusade for Stupidity by Barrett Maners now in print

Stopping Radicalism: We Can Stop Jim DeMint''s Crusade for Stupidity attacks the rhetoric coming from the far right-wing of the American political spectrum. 

The book''s primary focus is on debunking the ideas of Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), especially those expressed in his 2009 book, Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America''s Slide Into Socialism. DeMint''s ideology is typical of followers of the "Tea Party" movement and is anchored in Christian fundamentalism, the doctrine of "American Exceptionalism," and a white-washed version of history. DeMint, who was labeled by the National Journal as the Senate''s most conservative member and has been "positioning himself as the Great Awakener—a national leader of a highly decentralized tea-party movement", casts himself as a spiritual leader as much as he does a political one. He has said that "as this thing (the Tea Party movement) continues to roll you''re going to see a parallel spiritual revival that goes along with it."

Stopping Radicalism analyzes the ideology and objectives of the "prophet of a coming resurgence" and exposes the flawed reasoning, misinformation, and undesirable consequences associated with them. The book provides views that run counter to the simplistic and convenient anecdotes that are often used by leaders of the far right. Beginning with a criticism of the worldview advocated by many fundamentalist Christians and a truthful version of America''s history, Stopping Radicalism brings to light some of the biggest social and political issues that are currently being faced by Americans and explains how the ideas promoted by people like Jim DeMint and his comrades are the causes of many of our problems, not the solutions.

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